Susan Saiger

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Susan SaigerSusan returned to the comedy stage in August of 2008 after an 18 year hiatus…during that time she had a baby boy, then got married, (yes, in that order!) adopted two daughters from China, wrote and sold a play and got divorced. She went back to do stand up comedy on a dare from two dear friends so, of course, she took the challenge. The catch was … it was for “one night only”. Yeah, right … we see how that worked out! It actually worked out very well, indeed! Since that time, Susan has been performing stand up on a regular basis.

Susan Saiger

Susan Saiger

Susan Saiger

Should I?


Susan Saiger

I Can’t Believe I Did This!

She toured with the Funny Divas for three years as well as doing her own thing as a solo performer. She has been working in clubs and theaters all over Florida with The Funny Diva Show and regularly performs at Flappers, The Federal and The Formosa in LA. She was a regular host of Comedy in the Raw at the Tampa Improv. Stand up is her favorite type of performing…but her roots are in the theater, improvisational comedy and in film…

Susan was a regular improv performer in Los Angeles at The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv and the Laugh Factory as well as any smaller venue that hosted improv shows during the 80s and 90s. It was on stage during a show that she was asked to audition for her first movie role…and she got the part!

That part was Doris the Dominatrix in the cult classic film Eating Raoul. It was a role that she loved doing and is still bringing her acclaim as it was released in 2012 on Criterion Films for it’s 30th anniversary! She appeared in the films: The Presidio as Gloria, the Deadhead secretary, Kelly in Paul Bartel’s Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills and Buffy the groupie in the indie film Get Crazy.

Her favorite job on TV was as a regular ‘prankster’ on the series that was the 90s version of ‘Punked’… Totally Hidden Video.

She also performed and had writing credits in two long running plays done in Hollywood’s Theater Theater. The Steven Weed Show won the Dramalogue award for best ensemble cast in 1988. In 1989-1990 Susan collaborated on An Evening on Thin Ice which was a play about an improv group. The audience was let in on what happens backstage during a show.

Susan is currently shooting the Web Series THE DOLL, a hilarious look into the bizarre world of avid doll collectors.


Here’s the link to Susan’s profile on IMDb!

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